It's Time to 'Ride or Die' on the Next Episode of 'Ride'

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More secrets were revealed on last week's episode of Ride. Missy (Tiera Skovbye) learned from the mystery woman at the Frontier BBQ that Austin (Marcus Rosner) made sure he drew the toughest bull to ride (which would earn him more points on the rodeo circuit), but why?

In "Ride or Die," this week's episode of Ride, Missy heads to Denver to judge a rodeo pageant while Isabel (Nancy Travis) and Hank (Greg Lawson) realize selling the town on the stadium deal will prove harder than expected.

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After successfully convincing Daniel Booker (Dylan Neal) to invest in a stadium in Canyon, Isabel and Hank learn about rumblings around town that could shut it down before it gets started. They decide to use an event at Ranchman’s to alleviate the community’s concerns—but Isabel finds herself questioning Daniel Booker’s motives. After riding through his injury and continuing to take risks, Cash (Beau Mirchoff) goes to the doctor and gets some unwelcome news. This puts him on the outs with Missy, who is doubting her abilities as his coach.

Frustrated with Cash and spiraling from her recent discoveries about Austin, Missy accepts an offer from Frontier Jeans to judge a pageant they are sponsoring in Denver. Being there, Missy reflects on her time on the pageant circuit and takes a new step in her burgeoning romance with Gus (Tyler Jacob Moore). But the truth about Austin threatens to emerge and change everything.

Later, Tuff (Jake Foy) is coerced into singing one of his original songs instead of the covers he and his bandmates usually sing at Ranchman's.

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New episodes of Ride premiere on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel and can later be streamed on Hallmark Movies Now.

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