Tilli the Aardvark's Excitement Over Snack Time Is How We All Feel About Food

She's one hungry girl!

Readers, meet Tilli! She might look a little different than the animals who usually go viral, but if you ask us--she's just as adorable. This snacky aardvark is taking TikTok by storm yet again, and we are living for it. 

Even though the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium resident is 17 years old, she acts nothing like a moody human teenager. In fact, she couldn't be more excited to get a hold of her next snack!

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We just can't get enough of Tilli's genuine joy over snack time! Her handler is all-smiles as she feeds her, and we can totally see why. TBH, we're super jealous of all the zookeepers who get to interact with this sweet girl!

"She looks like she has a nose version of eyelashes," noticed commenter @wild.arum. "She's adorable, 10/10 would hang out with." You said it! Tilli's looks alone are worth swooning over, but we fell head-over-heels when we saw her go to town on that snack bottle. 

@Sneepsnorp3d said exactly what we were thinking about this girl's excitement: "Love how she stands so politely immediately after just SHAKING the whole bottle around." It's positively precious! There's no hiding what this aardvark is thinking--that's for sure.

"In Germany its called 'Erdferkel' which means 'earthpiglet,'" @farbfraeulein explained. That's such an adorable translation! It's pretty accurate, too, if you think about it. No wonder this pearl of wisdom is the video's most-liked comment!

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