TikTok's newest fast-food hack is... putting chili oil on ice cream?

McDonald’s customers have a new secret menu hack: chili oil ice cream. The seemingly strange flavor combo, which originated in China but has now spread worldwide, is just the latest custom McDonald’s menu order to go viral on TikTok. The spicy-sweet dessert joins a long line of viral international fast-food dishes. Chili oil ice cream can be made by simply ordering a vanilla ice cream from McDonald’s, then adding a topping of chili oil. Some McDonald’s locations actually sell chili oil sauce, but it seems like other TikTokers are buying the sauce separately. Overall, TikTok users have been mixed on the idea. “Who came up with this?” one user asked. “I’ll pass on this one,” another wrote. “I low-key think I’d love this,” one user commented. “This looks so wrong but I want it right now,” another wrote