TikTokers question woman’s relationship after her ‘forced flowers’ grew mold

TikTokers have jumped at the opportunity to call a woman’s relationship into question after she posted how her potential wedding flowers molded.

Ellie (@xellie_06) posted a box of flowers she’d saved to toss up at her wedding. She hoped to follow the tradition of saving the flowers her boyfriend had given her in their relationship.

“When tiktok said to keep all the flowers he gave to me to be thrown on our wedding day ..,” she wrote in the post. She then showed the flowers, which had gone bad — and the comments were ready with an explanation.

“It’s not anything you did. It’s the relationship,” said @amierene

“Those are forced flowers only flowers given out of love will stay dried and last forever,” said @c_love_0.

Similar to other wedding traditions, Ellie’s failed attempt along with her reaction indicated the longevity of the relationship to some. Commenters also brought up cake smashing.

Others agreed that partaking in cake smashing is a sign the relationship may have issues.

“It is a good indicator of disrespect within the relationship,” replied @missjulesb.

Although Ellie had several people tell her the relationship was flawed, there were a good amount of commenters on the opposite side.

“Your meant to leave flowers upside down until they dry then keep them,” said @axx.b2.

For many people in the comments, this was nothing more than Ellie storing the flowers too soon and not giving them a chance to fully dry out.

Amidst the handful of TikTokers telling Ellie the flowers were forced, @xellie_06 posted a video with pictures of her and her boyfriend.

Some people saw Ellie’s response to the criticisms and decided to reach out with positive words.

“You’re just fine, people will find any way to be negative,” said @kosmickurly.

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