TikToker's Unconventional 'Guard Dog' Is Adorable and Unexpected

TikTokers have recently been sharing videos of their guard dogs that make them feel safe while walking alone at night. We for one can’t get enough of these clips because it lets us know we aren’t the only ones who get a little frightened while walking at night. LOL! Plus, all the dogs are oh-so-cute.

TikTok user @rheadhakalll recently posted her version of this trend and in just one day it has reached over 3.7 million views. That’s probably because her ‘guard dog’ is totally unconventional, yet beyond adorable. Take a look!

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O.M.G. Stop it! The scream we let out when she revealed her guard dog was of pure joy. We would’ve never expected someone to have a Guinea Pig as a guard dog, but hey, if it works it works! And don’t even get us started on the uniform. So stinkin’ adorable!

TikTokers are saying how scared they are of this Guinea Pig named Gary. We mean, who wouldn't be scared?! “If I see Gary walking towards me, I’m crossing the street,” wrote @etjdubs. Oh, believe us, you wouldn’t be the only one. No one wants to get too close to Gary and risk this ‘guard dog’ putting up a fight. LOL!

Another TikTok user, @zolngr, said, “Gary’s fit says everything – this is NOT a pet you want to mess with on the street.” That’s what we’re saying! His hat means business. We just know he does an excellent job watching over this TikToker. Heck, he might even put the Secret Service to shame with how well he’s protecting her. LOL!

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