TikTokers say this new tortilla-folding hack is a 'life-changer'

What’s the best way to fold a tortilla? Or better yet: How do you fold a tortilla easily, with the least effort possible?. TikTok user @cookingwithayeh may have found the answer. The food blogger recently shared her “revolutionary” tortilla-folding hack and earned plenty of praise in the process. In the clip, Ayeh shows her fast and easy way to make a cheese quesadilla, a lunch wrap or basically any tortilla-based snack food. To start out, she lays her wrap onto a table and cuts halfway through the middle of the tortilla. Then, she proceeds to load up her toppings, separating them into four, even quarters. Finally, Ayeh folds the quarters together in a circular motion before cooking the meal in a panini press. Needless to say, social media users were amazed. “You’ve changed my life,” one TikTok user wrote