TikTokers share iconic changes in this Finn Wolfhard meme

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Nothing pushes a TikTok trend to the next level like having a good transition to put on it. Add a little bit of nostalgia, and you have the makings of a perfect trend.

That’s exactly what the Finn Wolfhard snapping trend is about right now.

The trend features Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard (known as Mike Wheeler on the show) walking to the camera with Yally’s “Party Party (TikTok Remix),” a cover of Timberland’s 2007 hit “Give It to Me,” and snapping when the beat drops. And then some kind of visible change happens after the snap, whether it’s a haircut that was popular in the past, a redesign of some sort or even a person showing a different personality.

TikToker @ur_kitty_.0 put this entire trend in motion with this video, using the caption “me after getting a higher grade than my normal language.” That video now has over 420,000 views and just over 76,000 likes. The internet is eating this meme up and continues to put its own spin on it.

Possibilities are endless with this meme format, as the setup is minimal and Wolfhard’s snapping does the heavy lifting.

Nobody knows exactly when and where the Wolfhard clip is from, but people are speculating it was around season three of Stranger Things in 2019 since the outfit he’s wearing appears in the show.

Even without known origins, the meme is dominating the ethos. Its simplicity, along with Wolfhard’s understated charisma, is carrying TikTok right now.

To take part in the viral meme, simply find something that’s changed, get two pictures and queue up Finn Wolfhard.

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