TikTokers share hilariously scary moments with ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ audio

TikTok users are going viral for their videos of times they were hurt in the most unlikely way. Although people in the videos are seen in compromising situations, the randomness of how they get into them is bringing laughter across the app.

This trend is more than just videos of people falling or running into doors they don’t see. There are people falling off horses and men not taking the proper precautions to take ice off the roof. The thing that brings this entire trend together? Before the moment of disaster happens, the video stops, and the lyrics to “Dumb Ways to Die” play over the top.

There are several versions of this sound, but the official version — and the one recognized by the Dumb Ways to Die page — comes from @blakefloyd04, with over 20,000 videos attached to it.

While those lyrics seem menacing, it’s an ode to the YouTube channel Dumb Ways to Die.The channel was intended to spread safety awareness for Metro Trains Melbourne. However, it became a viral sensation in 2012 due to its “unique brand of quirky humour and incredibly catchy tune spreading a serious message about transport safety” — as said in the description of the channel’s 10th anniversary post.

Although the song and channel have preached safety for over a decade now, the tune is still being used as people throw caution to the wind.

Here, a man knocks down a wasp nest with a shovel without protective gear or anything to catch the hive. Before the wasps swarm out, that’s when we get the classic song.

“Bro just made himself a target for life,” said @bu55y456.

Even in situations that don’t seem inherently unsafe, the song still speaks truth. TikToker @raven.mmarie tried to see what would happen if she and her friend put a medicine ball on a treadmill. What happened next was truly unfortunate.

“Good thing it paused, that could have been bad,” joked @gracesturgeon18.

TikTok has done its best to promote safety throughout this entire trend by putting a disclaimer that says, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.” Still, users will continue to post the times they felt unsafe, and those videos will continue to go viral.

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