TikTokers second-guess themselves with Tim Robinson ‘you sure about that’ sound

TikTokers are second guessing themselves and others with a clip from Tim Robinson’s Netflix show, I Think You Should Leave — a sketch comedy show starring the former Saturday Night Live member.

In this particular sketch, Robinson is challenging the reason why he was fired from a job.

“They waited a while to fire me so it wouldn’t be obvious what they were firing me for,” he said. “ They said poor performance. You sure about that? You sure about that? That’s Why?”

Now users are asking, “You sure about that?” to anything and everything.

“When my boss comes up to me about something minor knowing I will quit,” said @darkwing_tuck in their post.

Even people in relationships are using the meme to jokingly throw doubt into their partner’s minds.

“When my husband is telling a story and swears I’m the woman he shared this moment with but it absolutely wasn’t me,” wrote @spunkypotato.

This situation was very familiar to several people in the comments.

“Cue the ‘that must have been your OTHER girlfriend,’” said @coldtamaleee.

Currently, the CapCut template for the meme has over 39,000 uses. On TikTok, the original sound was posted by @goldenkeyprints and is credited with over 12,500 posts.

While some TikTokers were asking others if they were sure, some people had to double check if they were sure internally.

“Me: turns the stove off after I’m done cooking,” said @__andrew_91. “Brain: 30 minutes away from home.”

This also wasn’t an uncommon situation for TikTokers to be in, as many have the same issue.

“The terror I feel when I’m not sure,” said @mymoviebestie.

Robinson’s question is trending and can be heard everywhere on TikTok, so don’t be surprised if you start asking people, “You sure about that?”

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