This TikToker's run-in with her 'creepy' ex is something out of a Lifetime movie

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing the “scary” run-in she had with her ex-boyfriend. The user, who guys by the name Maite on social media, posted a video detailing the encounter. According to Maite, she’d been broken up with the ex for four months, but he still arrived unannounced in her workplace parking lot. her ex-boyfriend insisted he had something “important” to tell her but she refused to hear him out, and left for her car. However, her ex knew where she lived and when she got to her house, he confronted her again. Maite wrote in the video that she was “freaking out.” She tried to get inside as quickly as possible, but her ex beat her to the door. Finally, while “blocking the door,” her ex made a final appeal. Maite’s ex got down on one knee, showed her a ring and promised to make her happy “for the rest of [her] life”. Maite said no. Her video got plenty of support for concerned commenters, who called the boyfriend “creepy” and “a stalker”