TikTokers are revealing their ‘most meaningless’ tattoos

TikTokers are sharing their most “meaningless tattoos” that go against the dated belief that all ink needs to have some sort of greater importance. The trend started when user @pigeonsandfries said: “stitch this and show me your most meaningless tattoo”. He then revealed his own contribution to the trend — a small, black line tattoo across the bridge of his nose. “I used to draw it there with eyeliner and I liked it, so here it is”. User Preston Davis (@slimdavie) revealed his knee tattoos, which include the words “above knee” and “bologna” (i.e. “below knee”) in the exact locations you’d expect them to be. TikToker Jessica Dempsey (@babyyspoons) shared the king of all “meaningless” tattoos — her block of cheese ink, with the words “never say when” over it, as an artful nod to the Olive Garden. As one user commented on the original stitch video — “people forget that ‘because I like it’ is a meaning”. “I’m a huge believer of tattoos don’t have to mean anything,” commented another. “If it looks good it looks good”