TikTokers raise awareness about early onset dementia through viral clips

In recent months, Jean Collins of Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, has shared videos of herself interacting with her sister Kathy, who is living with dementia. In one recent video, Jean can be heard having a casual conversation with Kathy, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2018, about their foggy surroundings. In another video, Jean gives a tour of Kathy’s art setup. Jean told the Goldstream News Gazette that she and her sister intend to continue to post videos until Kathy’s capacities diminish completely. “We feel that Kathy has an important story to share with others around this prevalent diagnosis and the best ways to support families who are coping with it,” she said. Similarly, Nicole Petrie, another TikToker, has grown in popularity for sharing videos of herself and her mom, who is also living with dementia. In one viral clip, Petrie does her own take on a trend in which parents cuddle with their toddlers as the latter group watches TV. The TikToker reverses the roles and lays next to her mother instead