TikTokers are obsessed with this ‘incredible’ 200-year-old abandoned mansion

An abandoned mansion in Nashville is going viral on TikTok — but users can’t decide if it’s “haunted” or “incredible”. The home, which is allegedly more than 200 years old, is part of an ongoing fascination on TikTok. This abandoned mansion comes from the aptly named TikTok account Abandoned Nashville (@abandonednashville). The videographer and content creator explores all kinds of old and isolated places, but this particular find seemed to fascinate users. The video, which has more than 540,000 views, begins with an outside view of the old home. From there, @abandonednashville treks inside. The home appears large, elaborate and well-decorated — despite piles of trash and other items strewn across the floor. That combination of beauty and creepy abandonment left many TikTokers divided. Some called the home “incredible” and questioned how it came into its current state. Others, meanwhile, found the mansion a bit spookier. “It’s probably haunted,” one user wrote