TikTokers move fast to Brent Faiyaz’s ‘JACKIE BROWN’

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TikTok has shown its love for sped-up songs in the past (i.e. the “It’s a Wrap” challenge), and another song in such a style has become one of the newest trends.

The trending sound was created by STURDYYOUNGINN (@ajdidthatt), who remixed Brent Faiyaz’s “JACKIE BROWN” by speeding it up and adding different percussion sounds in the background.

“JACKIE BROWN” is a song from Faiyaz’s 2022 album Wasteland, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. The viral version of the song was posted in early February 2023 and has already been credited with over 100,000 videos.

A week after @ajdidthatt posted the original video in this trend, he and his friends posted another video of them dancing to it. The dance isn’t a complicated one, as it only requires people to slightly squat while crossing their arms.

Since the accompanying dance video was posted, the trend has spread quickly across TikTok — with even LeBron James’ son, Bryce, participating in it.

“Bryceheem wit da moves,” replied @simonsoscary.

“I love this challenge it’s so silly but fun,” said @yagorlbek.

On top of breaking into dance when the song comes on, there’s another trend that’s attached to this sound.

TikTokers are obsessed with the trending Bold Glamour filter. The TikTok-made filter smoothens out skin and brightens a person’s face. The difference in how people look with and without the filter can be jarring, and users are putting their reactions to “JACKIE BROWN.”

“It’s like he literally changed into a totally different person,” said @yaya.yayaa.

The Bold Glamour filter has nearly 5 million videos already, and “JACKIE BROWN” is the soundtrack to many of those posts.

From randomly dancing to seeing what you naturally look like without a filter, @ajdidthatt’s remix has created a trend for everyone.

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