TikTokers are making like-minded friends by lip-syncing to an edited song

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TikTok has a new conversation starter thanks to the "talk to me" trend, which ironically spawned from the "don't talk to me" trend. The latter sampled the lyrics "don't talk to me" from the same Playboi Carti song "Punk Monk”. In that trend, TikTokers express their frustration over something someone does as Playboi Carti sings "don't talk to me”. The person usually does hand gestures in sync with the lyrics. In the “talk to me” trend, Instead of discussing their pet peeves, people share what they want in another person, while doing similar hand gestures. The user @1lilnaz is believed to be the first person to put this upbeat spin on the TikTok trend. "If you watch anime," @maxtaylorlifts said before gesturing "talk to me”. "When I see alt people in public," @lilsaiko666 wrote in the caption. "When she say she love babies," @twinnandazari said with his daughter