TikTokers Found the Ultimate Hack for Sleeping on Any Flight, in Any Seat — and It’s on Sale at Amazon

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<p>Travel + Leisure / Reese Herrington</p>

Travel + Leisure / Reese Herrington

TikTok has become the place for genius hacks and product finds that solve all of those little stresses of traveling. This time, Traveltok has found the answer to sleeping comfortably in an economy seat. And, this new TikTok hack begs the question: Who needs those cushy first-class bed seats when you have the Sunany Inflatable Travel Pillow?

Okay, we know sitting in first class would still be better, but if you prefer to spend your travel budget on the destination rather than the flight there, this inflatable pillow, which is currently up to 27 percent off at Amazon, is a game changer. Its futuristic-looking design maximizes what little space you have when sitting in an economy seat, allowing you to rest your head forward on its plush, cushiony exterior while keeping the pressure off of your neck, back, and arms.



To buy: amazon.com, $24 (originally $33)

Once inflated, the front of the Sunany travel pillow is curved at a 60-degree angle at the base that narrows to a 45-degree angle at the top. This ergonomic shape supports the natural curve of your spine, which helps prevent back pain when you sleep in a forward-leaning position. And, you won't have to suffer through an uncomfortable flight trying to nap sitting upright (or endure the head bobbing when you finally start to doze off).

There are also two holes on the front and wider arm holes on either side so that you can lay your head down without putting any weight on your arms. That means you can stay in that position for long enough to actually get some sleep without your arms going numb or waking up with neck or back pain — and that you'll have plenty of breathing room and ventilation to stay comfy throughout your nap.

The arm and head hole placements also give you a ton of options for getting comfortable. You can set it upright on your lap and rest your head in the hole closest to the top, or pull down the seat tray in front of you and set the pillow upright or horizontally, depending on which angle feels better for your head, neck, and back. There's even the option of leaning the Sunany Inflatable Travel Pillow against the window (or your travel buddy's shoulder) and slipping your arm through the holes on the side and front; you'll be able to lay on your side without putting pressure on your arm.

And, if you're not trying to catch to some shut-eye, you can even put your phone inside to watch your shows or play games while you're resting on the pillow, which is a surprising perk that was captured in TikTok user Indi Singh's now-viral video that's racked up more than 132,000 views. Not to mention that it also comes in handy when you just want to switch up your posture.

In fact, it's the Sunany Inflatable Travel Pillow's versatility that makes it such a genius product. Plus, the fast-inflating design can be kept folded away in its designated carrying bag and filled up quickly once you get to your seat. That’s already a huge advantage over bulkier neck pillows that force you to either sacrifice precious packing space in your bag or wear it around your neck through the airport.

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The reason it’s so easy to inflate and deflate is because the travel pillow features a two-in-one air valve design. The larger black valve seals a one-way air inlet so you can stop to take a breath without any of the air leaking out (this also means it won't lose any air when you're resting your head on it, too). When you want to deflate it, just open the smaller clear valve designed to let air quickly escape. 

With more than 3,400 five-star ratings, it's not hard to see why this viral travel accessory is being dubbed "hands down, the most convenient and comfortable travel pillow" by Amazon shoppers. Additionally, many reviewers noted that it was not only more comfortable than the traditional U-shaped neck pillow they've tried, but that it was also more practical to travel with. One customer said, “I love how convenient and easy it is to use the inflatable neck pillow. Not only can I take it anywhere I travel [to], but it’s also easy to deflate and store.”



To buy: amazon.com, $24 (originally $33)

Another traveler added, “It can be inflated when you get into your seat rather than it being clunked around while you walk down the [aisle].” Chiming in, a third reviewer highlighted, "Now all that air space between your seat and the tray table down is usable space for you while sitting in your seat."

As for just how comfortable it is, take it from this shopper, who was stuck in a middle seat when testing it out. They were happy to report, "I slept on it for three straight hours." Also vouching for its coziness, another reviewer shared that it was so comfortable, it felt “like cuddling up with your own bed pillow.” Plus, it comes with a free sleeping mask and ear plugs for when you are ready to catch some Zs.

Also vouching for its coziness, another reviewer shared that it was so comfortable, it felt “like cuddling up with your own bed pillow.”

Treat yourself to a restful flight, even if you're sitting in the middle seat in economy, with the Sunany Inflatable Travel Pillow. Find out why TikTok users can't get enough of it, and grab one at Amazon in your choice of gray, black, or navy blue — but hurry, it won't be on sale at this price for much longer.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $24.

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