TikTokers give creative places to find their spirits in new sunset trend

A new meme on TikTok has users imagining where their spirit will be once they pass.

Videos in the trend begin with a picture or video of the poster on the screen with the words, “If I die, don’t look for me in the sunset…” Then, the video transitions into pictures of something the poster loves — implying that is where their spirit will be after they die.

Some TikTokers, like @alliecheyswrld, shared something sentimental or set in nature.

TikTokers commented to share where they’ll be in the afterlife.

“I want to be decomposed into soil & have a tree grow from it,” said @booitzaddie.

“[I’ll] be in nature period. whether its animals, flowers, trees, pretty little insects, bodies of water, the sun, moon, stars, etc.,” said @xo.carrisag.

Others took a more facetious approach to this trend, showing off one of their niche loves.

“Pickles are eternal i shall never know death,” joked @bingy_baby.

Some TikTokers hope to have their spirits transferred into the realm of fiction — specifically Alvin and the Chipmunks.

“See you in the squeakual [brother],” said @notrunkelephant.

The trend uses Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s 2018 song “It’s Called: Freefall.” The version popular on TikTok is a sped-up rendition. There are over 615,000 videos attached to this sound, with several trends and videos using the audio.

Nobody truly knows what happens after death, but according to these TikToks, everyone’s spirit will end up in something they love.

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