TikToker's Brilliant Cat Toy Will Prep Felines to Fend Off Insects

One of our biggest fears in life is undoubtedly spiders or honestly, insects in general. Yes, we know we’re so much bigger than insects, but something about them crawling through our house creeps us out. Luckily there’s a solution to fend off any insect intruders.

TikTok user @neekoftime shared with the world the most amazing cat toy in all of existence. This toy will prepare felines to fend off cockroaches. You can bet your bottom dollar we’re searching Amazon right now and we'll be ordering it! LOL!

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O.M.G. This is such a cool toy! Now, we can’t promise this toy will actually yield results, but hey, it’s worth a shot. LOL! But TikToker @hopeluv22 brings up an excellent point that might steer us away. She wrote, “Absolutely not! It looks too real. If I see it I’ll scream each time.”

With think it’s still worth the risk because not everyone can have a cat ready to fight off insects for you as TikToker @glassalligator does. The comment reads, “My cat kills the roaches for me. I’m so lucky.” Uhh, can we hire your cat to come to our house and do that too? LOL!

But if you’re not interested in purchasing a new toy because well, let’s face it, our fur babies have an endless amount of toys, there are several toys you can make at home. It’s truly as simple as reusing empty toilet paper rolls! Using empty toilet paper rolls is a cheap and easy solution to keep your cat engaged. Cats apparently love the crinkle sound they make. Take it one step further by putting in treats or catnip and have your fur baby find it.

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