TikTokers adding new layer to shadowboxing game

One of the most popular games on TikTok has a new wrinkle in it, and the results are being remembered forever.

The game goes by many names, but most notably either the pointing game or shadow boxing. The point of the game is to point in one direction, and to try and make your opponent look the same way. If they do, you win the round.

However, the game — as it’s transitioned into its shadow boxing era — has taken on new life. Opponents used to trade turns after each movement, but now participants can throw combos or series of points — similar to boxing combinations.

On top of that wrinkle, now TikTokers are taking pictures when they win a round, capturing the exact moment their opponent lost.

The results have had users going crazy.


“Legendary display of anticipation & reaction. You just don’t see this kind of pure athleticism every day,” replied @imyenno.

On top of the victory photos, users are showing their battles with Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” in the background. The somber-ness of Jackson’s song mixed with the playfulness of the challenge is one of the driving forces of this trend.

Even if the people shadow boxing aren’t getting pictures of their winning moment, having creative ways to win is reward enough. USers are trying to come up with the “craziest combos” in hopes of using the most outlandish hand movements to get a win.

“That might have been the craziest ending ever,” replied @safitshira.

This game is about reaction time and anticipation, and if you lack either, your picture may be in a viral TikTok soon.

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