TikToker warns against 'subtle and sneaky' HR trick to get you to accept lower salary: 'This has happened to me'

A start-up executive is warning about this popular HR trick to get you to accept a lower starting salary.

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TikToker @workasawoman is all about helping women further their career goals. There was one dirty trick she’s seen used throughout her years of hiring people that she saw so many people fall for. You may not have encountered it yet, but with @workasawoman’s advice, now you’ll know exactly what to do.

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“There’s a subtle and sneaky trick that a lot of HR professionals and recruiters use to pay people less money for the job that they take,” she said.

Job recruiters and hiring managers often convince candidates to accept a lower salary by telling them they’re at the top of a lower salary level. She said that the recruiter will usually say something like this:

“It looks like your experience level puts you at the highest end of this salary band or the lowest end of the next salary band up. We could bring you in on the higher band, but you would be at the very bottom of that totem pole. So it’s very much better for you to be at the top end of the totem pole.”

Her advice was simple: don’t believe them. This tactic is intended to lock you into a lower salary. It also means that you likely won’t receive a salary without a promotion. Hence, why being at the bottom of the higher range is actually better.

Lots of people could relate to this experience on TikTok.

“This has happened to me… I turned the position down,” a user commented.

“I… did hear all of these. The only thing that allowed me to get farther past the ceiling was a competing offer,” another said.

“Happened to me. They didn’t want to give a raise until I put in my two weeks’ notice,” a person added.

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