TikToker spots bizarre animation detail in Disney’s ‘Hercules’: ‘Bet you didn’t think we’d notice, huh?’

An eagle-eyed TikToker spotted something strange during a rewatch of Walt Disney’s 1997 animated film “Hercules,” and now the footage is going viral.

TikTok user Cathy (@mmcake214) gained over 1 million views, 40,000 likes and 200 comments when she uploaded her animation discovery to her account.

However, this isn’t the first time a fan has spotted a weird animation choice in a Disney production — like the mom who caught an “unsettling” Minnie Mouse animation detail in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” or the TikToker who realized there’s something harmful about the way Disney princesses’ noses are always drawn.

But when it comes to Cathy’s “Hercules” discovery, viewers are developing interesting theories about how this animation detail came to be — theories that seem pretty plausible.

“Lol anyone try to look at another part of the screen when rewatching old movies?” Cathy asks viewers in her video’s caption. “Caught this gem today. Still one of the best #Disney movies ever.”

Her video begins on a shot of Hercules right before the young demigod accidentally destroys the entire marketplace with his incredible strength.

As Hercules dejectedly makes his way to the town fountain to sit, viewers are shown an aerial shot of townspeople fleeing the area. However, upon close examination, one can spot a couple of very odd characters in this group of background figures.

“Whoever signed off on this at #Disney…bet you didn’t think we’d notice, huh?” Cathy writes on her video.

Amongst all of the ancient Greek townspeople, one character seems to resemble a flat-footed Bart Simpson in a toga — while another mysteriously walks backward out of the shot.

TikTokers posited their theories on these strange animation details in the comments.

“The animators drew this for 90s box tvs thinking we’d never analyze this close 😂” speculated @nickeljo18.

“To be fair, this is when 480p was top resolution expected 😂” theorized @neronix17.

“Animator here. 50% we do this sh*t cause we’re entertaining ourselves … The other 50%, we do this sh*t to see who’s gonna notice/shenanigans we can get away with,” wrote @yallgotsnacks.

However, Cathy isn’t the only person to have caught this strange animation detail.

Four years ago, a redditor by the name of u/wilymon posted the same observation to the subreddit r/MovieDetails.

In response to u/wilymon’s post, one redditor shared their theory about the animation choice in the comments.

“It’s the exact same animation as the character walking up to the well. It just played backwards which saves the animators from having to do anymore animation,” they wrote.

“Funny or not this has everything to do with cutting costs and saving time.”

According to other comments, “Hercules” isn’t the only Disney classic to sport strange animation details.

“You should look at some of the background characters in Hunchback during the topsy turvy song 😂😂” wrote @mattymc89.

“background Disney crowds are hilarious. watch Beauty and the Beast, you’ll catch a stranger rolling her eyes and shaking her head at Belle’s singing,” commented @giraffecheese.

Whatever the reason behind these bizarre little animated moments, it’s certainly fun to see them pop up on social media — and to look out for them the next time you’re rewatching a Disney fave for the umpteenth time.

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