Woman issues warning after being 'robbed' on popular iPhone app: ‘They stole $7,000'

A TikTok user is warning others after allegedly losing $7,000 on Venmo.

The TikToker, Anna Grace Newell, shared the claim in a video posted on Dec. 30, 2020. In her clip, she advised others to take steps that could help them avoid getting “scammed” in the same way she did.

Her advice? Add a pin code to your Venmo account, just in case someone is able to access your account.

“STOP RIGHT NOW & put a pin on your Venmo!!! I got hacked!!! & they stole $7000,” Newell captioned her video.

Newell didn’t explain how she allegedly lost $7,000, but she did show her followers how to password-protect their Venmo accounts. The process can be done in a few seconds, by clicking on the “Settings” tab of the app’s menu.

From there, scroll down to “Security” and select “Face ID & PIN.” Turning on this setting allows you to add an extra password for your Venmo account or make it only accessible by face ID.

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TikTok users were largely thankful for Newell’s hack, with many saying they were following her advice immediately.

“Never did something so fast,” one user wrote.

“I find it strange that they don’t automatically have you make a PIN,” another added.

Others shared similar experiences to Newell’s, sharing that they themselves or their friends had also had money stolen.

“Yes it happens way more often than people realize!” Newell wrote back.

In the past, Venmo has issued warnings regarding scams on its app. In particular, the company suggests that users avoid ever paying strangers or using the app to buy something from someone they don’t know.

Venmo also warns customers about sending money to anyone involved in an apparent “pyramid, cash wheel, money circle or other get rich quick” scam.

If you believe you’ve been part of a scam on Venmo, you can contact the app’s security team.

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