TikToker shares the dark history of New Year's Day: 'Loss and grief'

New Year's Day hasn't always been a reason to celebrate for everyone in history. TikToker @jordxn.simone does a series of "Black History Fast Facts" every Black History Month. In one segment, she shared how enslaved people's relationship to New Year's Day was much different than the rest of the population. "For many enslaved people, New Year's Day was actually called 'Heartbreak Day,'" Jordan said. "During the winter months in between crop seasons, enslavers needed extra cash, and it was commonplace to rent out or completely sell their 'property'". The antebellum South built Heartbreak Day or Hiring Day into their economy. Most debts were collected and settled on this day and new contracts began in January. This meant enslaved families anxiously awaited New Year's Eve in fear that their loved ones would be "sold" on the auction block so enslavers could pay their debts. People were grateful for Jordan's Black history fast fact. "I will never think of New Year's the same way again," a person said

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