TikToker shares creepy 'Stranger Things'-like experience at Walmart

A TikTok user is going viral after sharingthe strange phenomenon he witnessed whiledriving home from work one night.The user, who goes by the name Blakeon social media, shared the “creepy” experienceduring a video post in late June.In the clip, the TikToker shows his late-night viewfrom inside a Walmart parking lot, where dozens ofstreet lamps seem to be flashing rapidly at once.“Saw this on my way [home] from work.Shiz was creepy as hell,” he wrote.The video, which is appropriatelysoundtracked by some pretty unsettlingmusic, shows Blake’s perspective.It shows him looking around the parking lot andwatching seemingly every lamp flash at once.Several commenters seemed fairly freaked outby the situation, sharing their confusion andsuggesting all sorts of otherworldly causes.“I’m scared and I’m just watching the video,” oneuser wrote. “That’s scary as hell,” another added.A few users even wrote that they’d witnessed similarphenomenons in their own corners of the world.Omg my girl and I saw that in a parking lot a fewmonths back. Freaked us out,” one user wrote

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