TikToker roasts Urban Outfitters for selling her old P.E. sweatshirt for $98

People love to roast the unusual things that Urban Outfitters sells — especially since they tend to sell them at unfathomably high prices. Anyone who’s ever shopped at Urban Outfitters can attest to the fact that the retailer tends to find everyday items…. and disguise them as “vintage” or “exotic” so they can charge a premium. Recently, TikTok user @daniellewowie was browsing the Urban Outfitters site when she came across one of these deceptive items. Believe it or not, UO had her P.E. sweatshirt from middle school listed on its site as a “vintage crewneck P.E. sweatshirt” — for $98. Unsurprisingly, the listing was taken down not long after @daniellewowie’s video went viral