TikToker outlines how to treat men with ‘king treatment’: ‘This is bare minimum fellas’

A woman on TikTok recently provided tips for women on how to treat their men, calling it “king treatment.” However, her advice wasn’t unanimously accepted, sparking a discussion on TikTok about how to treat your partner.

It all started when Ashtin Evans (@_ashtinevans) posted a video about a conversation where a man shared tips for women to receive “princess treatment” with her. She advised women how to dress, act in fancier settings and order properly at restaurants — saying these three things can help someone get princess treatment.

Someone in her comments asked about the equivalent for a guy, and Evans made a follow-up video in response.

“In my opinion, here are three things that I think men would consider king treatment,” she started. “The first is physical attention, meeting his physical needs … The second is acts of service like helping him run his errands, maybe get his car detailed or make him food … The third is to make sure his ego is boosted. Hype him up. Let him know that he’s killing it.”

Although Evans described those acts as king treatment, some men in the comments thought she missed the mark.

“And this is the bare minimum fellas,” said @003looloo.

“So king treatment is 3 basic steps in a relationship,” replied @shakesum10k.

However, many men thought there was more to being treated like a king, which Evans acknowledged.

“OK, OK, so let me know on my most recent vid what you want, king,” she replied to a comment.

Evans then made two response videos. The first addressed how men should act to receive king treatment, and the second was an updated version of her original video.

She said men should be loyal, romantic and a provider to receive the best treatment, which some people thought was fair and others believed was a low bar to clear.

Following that video, she posted her updated version of king treatment with suggestions from the comments of the first video.

Evans said the three pillars are respect, spoiling the man sometimes and performing miscellaneous acts of service like haircuts and back rubs.

The comments had mixed reviews about her updated list, but one comment tried to give perspective on both sides.

“The problem is that 1 persons bare minimum is like God tier for another based on relationship history and how they value themselves in a relationship,” said @dan_themaestro.

Commenters couldn’t come up with a definitive list of what constitutes king treatment, so the debate about how to treat men continues.

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