TikToker Lost 4 Pounds in One Week Eating Nothing but Costco Hot Dogs

A TikTok user claims to have lost over four pounds in one week eating nothing more than Costco’s hot dog combo. Columbus, OH resident Joey Kinsley, who goes by @siryacht on TikTok, actually started his journey as an effort to save money rather than lose weight. Distressed by how expensive food has become, Kinsley set out to see how much money he could save by consuming only Costco’s $1.50 combo, which includes a foot-long dog and a soft drink, for seven straight days.

Over the entire week, Kinsley reported consuming 29 hot dog combos and spending only $43.50. He cites this as being just 25 percent of what the average millennial spends on food each week ($164.82). Culinary brand Home Run Inn reiterates that statistic.

“I also might have started a new diet trend,” Kinsley boasted in one video, “because I lost 4.2 pounds in seven days.”

"The fact I lost 4 pounds was mind-blowing,” he later told Fox Business. “I enjoyed what I ate, and I lost weight, and I was like, ‘I think I might be onto something here.'"

“Surprisingly, I never got sick of eating hot dogs once,” the foodie remarked, noting that he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. “I balled on a budget, lost weight, and had the culinary experience of a lifetime,” he enthused.

One Costco hot dog contains 560 calories, according to Fat Secret. That means just eating four in one day (as Kinsley did, on average) would give one their recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories.

Whether or not they provide enough proteins and nutrients may be up for debate, but the diet served Kinsley perfectly well. He’s down four pounds, and has memories to last a lifetime. Perhaps for his next trick, he’ll eat Costco’s sushi for a week straight.