TikToker’s friend explains how she caught her boyfriend allegedly cheating

A TikToker is sharing her friend's admittedly impressive investigative skills after the friend found out her boyfriend was allegedly cheating on her. Chloe Powell (chlopowell2) uploaded her reaction to her TikTok account, which has almost accumulated 1 million views. Powell looks as though she's reacting in real-time to her friend telling the story while sitting in her car. the story begins with the friend's boyfriend leaving for the evening, so Powell's friend decided to look into his location. After searching for the restaurant location tag, she "went on every girl's profile that had tagged that place" and "went on their stories". But that's not all — the friend also screen-recorded the videos and then slowed them down to take a very close look at all of the backgrounds. "I caught him!" the friend exclaims in the TikTok's final scene. "M15 or the FBI please employ her..." Powell jokingly captioned the video. Commenters were in awe of the lengths Powell's friend was willing to go to catch her partner. A lot of them also assumed the friend was a Scorpio