Man stirs controversy after quitting his job and filming it on TikTok: ‘I will not get walked over’

Dillon Thompson

A TikTok user is drawing both praise and criticism after recording a video of the dramatic moment he decided to quit his job.

Maxwell Leland Dean, a former property management professional in Salt Lake City, posted the clip on June 24, where it’s since been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

The video, captioned with the words “I quit my job and filmed it!” shows Dean briefly speak into his phone camera before approaching hiss boss, Sandy.

“Hey Sandy? I quit,” he tells his boss. “You’re a b**** for talking to Mary the way you have — and [how you’ve] been treating us. So, I’m out.”

The clip quickly went viral, leading Dean to follow up with multiple videos explaining why he quit. In one, he said his boss was the “worst person” he’d ever had as a manager, adding that she frequently screamed at employees and caused some of them to cry.

In a second clip, he said that Mary, the employee he referenced in his original video, came into his office “bawling her eyes out” over something Sandy had said to her.

“I will not get walked over,” Dean says in the video. “I won’t let anyone else get walked over. So yes, I quit.”

Many TikTok users were inspired by the decision, but others called it “unprofessional” and said Dean “lowered himself” to his boss’ level.

Dean responded to those criticisms in another TikTok, during which he defended the way he quit and implored others to leave their toxic work environments.

“I did what I had to do to stand up for myself,” he says in the video. “And you what? No one deserves to work for a boss who’s gonna treat them like s***.”

Dean, who also creates motivational posts about mental health on his Instagram and YouTube pages, told In The Know he hopes his videos can bring further attention to the importance of mental health. In his case, taking care of himself meant getting away from a negative situation at work.

“Trust me, there’s a lot more to life than working for someone,” he says in his final post-quitting video. “And your mental health is super important, so don’t sell yourself short. Work for something better and never give up.”

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