TikToker explains why it takes ‘15 days’ to travel between two neighboring islands

TikTok users are freaking out after discovering the Diomede Islands, . two neighboring landmasses with an unreal travel time between them. The islands, located in the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia, are just 2.4 miles apart. However, as TikTok user @samfromwendover pointed out, it could take several weeks to travel between them. That’s because, as @samfromwendover’s viral video shows, the process might mean traveling all the way around the world. In the video, @samfromwendover begins by explaining that one of the islands, called Big Diomede, is part of Russia. The other, known as Little Diomede, is under U.S. control. As a result of the islands being part of two different countries, traveling between them is more difficult than it seems. Legally speaking, you can’t just take a boat. According to the BBC, the border between the two islands has been closed since 1948. So if you wanted to go from Little Diomede to Big Diomede, you might find yourself on the 15-day journey described in @samfromwendover’s video. Other TikTok users shared his bewilderment. “I can’t wrap my head around that,” one commenter wrote