TikToker dumbfounded after discovering her ‘devastating’ travel mistake

Can you book a flight a year in advance? Unfortunately, one TikTok user claims she learned the answer to that question the hard way. The TikToker, who goes by Lex (@simp4beanz) on the app, shared a video from what she claimed was an airport in Croatia. In the video, she explained why she had been allegedly stranded in a foreign country. According to the clip, Lex arrived just a little early for her flight. “As if I’ve just got to the airport at 6 a.m. and my flight turns out to be booked for next year,” she captioned the video. “Good f****** night”. The video immediately went viral, earning millions of views and, of course, plenty of questions. Some TikTokers just felt bad for Lex and her “devastating” mishap. “Girl, are you OK?” one user wrote. “What do you actually do in a situation like this?” another wrote. Other users questioned how Lex could’ve even booked a flight a year in advance. it turns out it’s actually pretty easy to make this mistake. It’s unclear if this is just a strange scheduling quirk or somehow related to pandemic travel restrictions