TikToker demonstrates how she removes contacts with long, acrylic nails

Fashionistas who rock long, acrylic nails probably get as many questions as people with tattoos or piercings. A TikTok user named Miriam, however, put an even more specific inquiry out into the internet. “I have one request. I want to see somebody with acrylic nails taking their contacts out,” Miriam said in a TikTok. That’s when the user @vialsss, who was more than qualified with her lengthy blue, glittering nails, stepped up with a brief tutorial. “Finally, it’s my time to shine. This is my No. 1 long nails life hack,” she said. Instead of her fingertips, @vialsss used her knuckles to pinch her blue eye contact out of her lid in about half a second. “Boom, baby, it is literally that easy. Always protect the nails and the eyeballs,” the TikToker said. TikTokers were blown away and the hack received over 4.3 million views