TikToker demands Costco explain themselves for bizarrely sliced bread: ‘Wth Costco?!’

A mysteriously shaped loaf of Sara Lee bread is going viral on TikTok — and it has many wishing that more sandwich bread came in this shape.

TikToker @apnstyledthis gained over 1.3 million views, 111,000 likes and 1,400 comments after uploading the strange Costco purchase to their account.

While we’ve seen bizarre purchases go viral in the past — like the Target customer who was shocked by her online order’s $250 substitution for a $5 beauty blender, or the Great Value products that come with a strange ingredient warning @apnstyledthis‘s unusual bread dilemma might just inspire a whole new kind of sandwich.

In the video, @apnstyledthis starts by demanding, “Costco, explain yourself.”

The TikToker then shakes the bread out of its packaging — a Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Bread loaf, usually cut into 15 slices.

This loaf, however, into only about 7 slices. “Why is my bread cut like this?” the TikToker cries, rifling through the loaf.

“Guess we’re doing long sandwiches for the week,” @apnstyledthis says, demonstrating the bizarre shape of each slice.

‘that’s for those shaggy and scooby doo sandwiches’

But while @apnstyledthis was not a huge fan of the unusual slices, other TikTokers were both impressed and inspired by them.

“Wait I kinda like it,” one user wrote.

“I would pay to get that,” commented another user.

“ummm french toast would be amazing with those,” suggested one user.

“Grilled cheese. You’re welcome,” another inspired user wrote.

“that’s for those shaggy and scooby doo sandwiches,” jokes one user.

Others didn’t have any problem with the bread, and thought up a few helpful solutions for dealing with the strange shape.

“Put the peanut butter on one side of jelly on the other. And just fold it over. No need for two separate pieces.😂” one user wrote.

“Just cut it in half again it’ll be fine lol,” wrote another.

Other TikTokers pointed out that it wasn’t necessarily Costco’s error, but rather the bakery that packaged the bread.

“That’s not Costco, that’s artisan bread company. Don’t through them under the bus, we need those $1.50 🌭,” one user wrote.

“Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to be that way? I’ve seen it done before. The perfect sandwich bread. But not costco’s fault,” another user commented.

“I’ve worked in a bakery and I swear someone probably had a brain fart! I can’t tell you how often I ran it through the slicer the wrong way!” shared another user.

Maybe @apnstyledthis‘s viral bread experience will inspire bakeries to invent a whole new kind of loaf — or at least to sell their unique “whoopsies” when they occur.

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