TikToker debunks major myth about McDonald’s french fries: ‘I was shocked’

As it turns out, McDonald’s french fries are not a “scam.”

That’s been the long-held belief of some people, thanks to swirling rumors on TikTok. Users have long been posting videos claiming that the “small” serving for McDonald’s fries is exactly the same size as a medium order.

That’s a bit of misinformation that’s long since been disproven. But few users have demonstrated it as clearly as Humphrey Yang.

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Yang (@humphreytalks) is a personal finance expert with over 3 million followers on the platform. In a recent video, he showed his expertise in all things McDonald’s.

In his post, the TikToker orders both small and medium fries, then uses a scale to compare the difference. The disparity surprised even him.

“I was shocked,” he captioned the post.

As the video shows, Yang’s small order contained 44 fries and weighed 82 grams. Meanwhile, his medium order contained 60 fries and weighed 111 grams.

Yang’s small fries cost him $2.49, around $0.03 per gram. The medium fries were $3.39, about $0.04 per gram.

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So, while the medium fries are technically not such a good deal, the cost is extremely close. It’s worth noting, of course, that the weight varies a little from order to order.

“It really depends on who is doing your fries though,” one commenter wrote. “I’ve worked at McDonald’s in the past.”

“I always get a large so don’t have this problem,” another joked.

Variance aside, Yang’s video makes it blatantly clear that the amount of the fries is different. Still, that hasn’t stopped TikTokers from spreading misinformation about the chain.

The TikTok trend has zeroed in on several different restaurants and menu items. For example, TikTokers have tried for years to claim that all Starbucks drink sizes contain the same amount of liquid. That claim is has definitively been debunked.

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