TikToker comes up with trick to stop your ex from texting you

Breaking up in the 21st century is hard.Social media can be a constant reminderof past relationships and the opportunity toreach out to your ex is almost too easy.TikTok has already shared a clever hackto stop yourself from reaching out toyour ex, but the flip side is dealing withan ex who won’t leave you alone.Luckily Gage Anderson shared an easytrick that takes seconds and can deteryour ex from texting you ever again.Anderson suggests pretending thatthere’s a “service error” — implyingto the other person that you’ve eitherchanged your number or blocked them.“Service error 305: message deliveryfailed. Further messages will be chargedto your account,” Anderson texts.A lot of commenters complained that the illusionwould be ruined if your ex still had the textconversation open because they’d see you typing,but Anderson has a hack to go around that too.“The best way to do it would be copyand paste,” he said in the comments.“Ouch. That’s cold,” one person replied.“But effective,” Anderson commented back

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