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TikToker captures ghostly encounter at haunted hotel

A TikTok user who lives across the street from one of the most haunted hotels in the world caught someone — or something — on the camera that he can’t explain.

Los Angeles-based TikToker and musician Peet Montzingo lives across the street from the Cecil Hotel. If you’re familiar with murder mysteries, then this hotel probably rings a bell; that’s because it’s connected to numerous well-known murders and suicides, including that of “the Black Dahlia.”

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Montzingo explained that he often peers across the street at the hotel “just to make sure I don’t see anything.”

When he recently took out his binoculars to do some cautionary spying, he did see something: a pale white woman standing in the window of one of the hotel rooms. When he called out to her, she didn’t respond, so he called 911.

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“I called 911 because this girl was about to jump,” he explained. “The [Cecil] Hotel has a long history of suicides so I thought she was just trying to continue the legacy.”

When paramedics showed up, the woman explained to them that she was just filming something, and that seemed to appease them. However, Montzingo “didn’t really buy it,” seeing as there were no film crews to be found, there is no footage of the girl at the hotel anywhere online and he “never even saw her leave the hotel.”

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Montzingo’s story freaked out TikTok users, many of whom are convinced that the woman is a ghost.

“She doesn’t even look real,” one person said.

“This gave me chills I hope she is okay,” another added.

“Her energy and skin tone seem SO off,” a third wrote.

One user may have stumbled upon an explanation, though. Recently, Ghost Adventures announced that they would be airing a two-hour special in 2021 investigating the Cecil Hotel — and more specifically, the suspicious (and infamous) water tank death of Elisa Lam. Many people pointed out that the woman in the video looked eerily similar to Elisa Lam, so it’s possible that she was filming with Ghost Adventures and standing in as the late Canadian student. We’ll just have to wait to find out!

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