TikToker applies to 557 jobs, doesn’t hear back from about 75% of them: ‘I’d love to tell you I’m kidding’

TikTok is continuing to expose the sad state of the job market. Candid videos from those affected show just how difficult, long and frustrating the hiring process can be.

In a recent video, a TikToker named Peter (@petersbrainfolds) confesses some of his own frustrations, revealing that he’s applied to 557 jobs since July 27, 2022. Despite all of that time and effort, he’s only heard back from about 25% of companies. Unfortunately, none of those interactions have actually led to jobs.

“I’d love to tell you I’m kidding,” Peter says as he scrolls down a long list of jobs he’s applied to on his computer.

It’s unclear how many interviews Peter has had exactly. However, he did mention that “a couple” companies put him through the interview process only to end up ghosting him.

In the meantime, the TikToker has done seemingly everything he can think of to change his current situation.

“I’m applying for jobs within and out of my field of expertise,” he says. “I’ve done the whole cover letter thing, changing the resume around, I’m applying for big companies and small companies, and I’ve even had a recruiter look at my resume, rework it for me and tell me how to ‘get around the system.'”

“I’ve even tried physically going into buildings, which building managers have turned me away and said, ‘No, email it,'” he recalls.

And yet, here he is — still at square one.

“No more jobs, it’s time to be a pine tree on a high mountain,” the TikToker wrote in his post caption.

In the comments, a lot of people could deeply relate to what Peter is going through.

“been there,” said one person empathetically.

“I’m in the same boat,” added someone else.

“I hate the ghosting,” another person shared. “It’s not that difficult to copy paste a ‘sorry we found someone already’ message/email.”

Others told him they’ve sent out even more applications than Peter has and are facing the same kind of silent rejection.

“Rookie numbers,” one person joked.

“I have applied to 700 since January 1 of this year,” said another.

“I stopped trying at 1,200,” added another defeated job hunter.

Several people said that it might be the industry he’s in since many fields are oversaturated with applicants right now. Others suggested that “the problem is that both unemployed and employed are applying” and that remote jobs are in high demand.

One person insisted that “the key” to landing a job right now is referrals and networking.

“I’ve noticed most of my friends are getting jobs through people they know,” they added.

“I like how these comments will go to ANY length to not just say the job system is broken and companies are absolutely not doing a good job at hiring,” another TikToker said bluntly.

That certainly may be true. In another video, Peter also points out that some companies have been exposed for creating fake job postings they never planned on filling — causing job hunters like him to spin their wheels for nothing.

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