TikTok works its magic, tracks down “Fry purse” girl

Sometimes, the Internet truly is the best place to be.

Last week, a woman left her purse at a Minneapolis bar. Another woman found the unattended bag and searched the purse to identify the owner.

However, all she found was a basket of french fries.

That’s right. A basket of french fries.

TikTok had a blast with that video, which currently has over 26 million views and over 4.5 million likes.

“There’s some drunk girl hella mad she left her fry purse,” commented @juki2122 under the original video.

Days after the initial video, we got a much-needed update.


#stitch with @prettyyrozayy #greenscreen can always count on her for the to go bag #shein #fastfashion #fastfood #togobag

♬ original sound – jadascrimxx

TikTok’s algorithm managed to help reunite the purse with its owner.

Even after we saw the original owner of the “fry purse” respond to her friend (@jadascrimxx) about her purse being all over TikTok, we were able to see the origin story of how the fries got into the bag in the first place.


Hunny was indeed watched. By MILLIONS 💀#fastfashion #fastfood @prettyyrozayy

♬ original sound – jadascrimxx

Update video! We found her! Thanks TikTok! 😂 @jadascrimxx is the owner of the mystery fry purse! Lol #purse #fries #club #bartenderlife #viral #food #foodie #updatevideo #update #updateviral

♬ original sound – Prettyyrozayy

“This is the closure I needed,” said @dyinginstereo under @prettyyrozayy’s update video.

“This is why I love TikTok. the fry purse owner has been FOUND!!” commented @down2earthhealing under the same video.

In a few days, TikTok sent a video around the world just for the two people in the same city to meet and solve the Internet’s biggest mystery.

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