This TikTok-viral hair wax stick is the key to creating perfectly slicked-back buns

The girls are over messy buns. It’s all about pulling your hair back into a clean, slicked-back bun these days. Just look on TikTok and at celebs like Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie, who have made the style go mainstream.

Personally, I love the slick look because you can wear it with your flared leggings to run errands or a dress for date night. It’s so versatile, and while it takes relatively low effort, it looks like you actually did something with your hair. (It’s also my go-to style on days when I should probably wash my hair but don’t have time.)

Alas, you need a few things to create a slicked-back bun: A hair tie, maybe some bobby pins, a wide or boar bristle brush and hair wax, gel or oil. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Everyone on TikTok adores the Samnyte Hair Wax Stick for keeping hair secure and frizz-free.

Samnyte Hair Wax Stick, $7.99 (Orig. $14.99)

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The Samnyte Hair Wax Stick looks like a glue stick, but it’s a semi-matte hair wax that you can apply right to your hair. It can help you mold and hold your hair in place without making hair feel crunchy or look shiny. It’s also surprisingly nourishing. It contains castor oil, avocado oil and vitamin E to smooth hair and fight frizz.

A quick search for “hair wax stick” on the social media platform returns 50.7M video views total. You can watch TikToker @ashleyraap use it in a video to smooth flyaways fast. And you can watch TiKToker @mariabethany use the hair wax stick in her bun tutorial, which now has over six million views. So, yeah, it’s kinda viral.

Of course, I saw it, tried it, and have to report that it really is that good. Although some people on TikTok have complained that the wax is hard to get out of your hair, I haven’t had a problem. For reference, I have very fine hair that’s not that frizzy, and for me, it comes out after a single wash. The only potential downside is that it will keep your hair slicked until you wash it. My boyfriend and I always have a little laugh when I take my bun out at night, and my hair remains slicked back like I just got off a high-speed roller coaster.

All that said, it’s probably important to note that this wax stick is a copycat of another brand’s product, but it’s slightly cheaper. It also has more Amazon reviews than the original. Right now, over 23,000 Amazon shoppers give the Samnyte Hair Wax Stick a five-star rating.

“If you suck at doing hair this helps so much!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “It finally made it so that I can do slick pony’s and slick buns! Which is amazing because I’m really bad at doing hair, but also like to try and look nice! I recommend so much!”

Other Amazon reviewers note that the wax stick is great for people with textured hair. You can use it on edges in place of gel.

Textured hair lifesaver!” writes one reviewer. “I just discovered this product and I’m blown away. I have fine, textured hair, and every time I wear a ponytail, I have to put hair clips in the back to pull in my frizzy edges at the nape of my neck. I put it on this morning for the first time, waiting for my edges to curl, and they didn’t move! It doesn’t take much, just use a light amount and then build if you need to.”

Finally a product that works!” writes another. “Wish this existed many years ago. This is perfect for the texture of my hair ~keeps my edges under control. Way better than any of the edge gel’s I’ve tried.”

You can get the Samnyte Hair Wax Stick on Amazon for $7.99 while it’s on sale (it regularly costs $14.99). And if you’re struggling to keep your hair pulled bag, I highly recommend that you get it. Seriously, this hair wax stick is a game-changer.

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