TikTok Viewers Are Fascinated by San Antonio Aquarium's Resident Tamandua

This tree anteater has an excellent sense of smell.

The San Antonio Zoo recently introduced their TikTok followers to one of their more unusual residents, and needless to say-- everyone is hooked. Talulah the tamandua is a type of South American tree anteater, and as her species' name implies, she's always on the hunt for bugs. She couldn't care less about the video she's staring in!

Nevertheless, Talulah makes an adorable leading lady as her handlers attempt to show her off on camera. She even has a number-one fan!

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OMG, just look at her! That long snoot is so boopable, but her cuteness isn't the only thing that's so captivating. Even the way she struts oozes main character energy.

"Not to be dramatic but I would die for Talulah," wrote @geriatric.scorpio. You're not alone! There are countless comments gushing over the animal's sweet look and curious nature, but one of our favorites came from Orkin, the pest control company.

They commented, "Telulah is a certified good girl in our eyes," and we're sure that means a lot to her coming from the ultimate enemy of ants!

"She will be the best employee at your company!" The San Antonio Aquarium replied. Honestly, we couldn't agree more! The aquarium likely never has an ant problem, all thanks to this gal. No wonder she's so famous! It made us smile that the tamandua was so focused on looking for ants that she didn't even notice her not-so-secret admirer.

"In Prince's defense," wrote @vaguely.damp, "I would also follow Telula." Fair enough! She certainly is gaining her fair share of fans online, and we'd happily jump on board, too.

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