TikTok users have extremely mixed feelings about this family's 'nacho table'

A woman is going viral on TikTok after sharing her family’s creative communal dinner concept.The video, which caused a massive debate over whether the idea was “genius” or “unsanitary,” was posted by a user named Stefanie.In her clip, the TikToker shows her family’s evening meal — which is being held over a massive “nacho table”.The “nacho table” is seemingly exactly like a normal plate of nachos, just spread out to massive proportions.To prepare the meal, Stefanie and her family lay a large sheet of aluminum foil over their kitchen table.Then, they coat the table with chips, a heaping bowl of ground beef and plenty of other toppings.Many found the concept “a waste of food,” or just thought it was gross.Others, meanwhile, were incredibly excited by the meal, hoping to one day try it themselves

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