TikTok users dumbfounded by home with ‘crazy’ design feature: ‘What were they thinking?’

If you’ve never heard of “witches stairs,” get ready for a wild ride — literally.

The term, which has a bizarre and rumor-laden history, has come to describe a type of very chaotic staircase, which has TikTok users totally losing their minds.

There have been plenty of “witches stairs” going viral lately, but one example seemed to really take the cake. It comes courtesy of user Mr. Shade (@themistershade), who shared the “crazy” home design he encountered while touring a home for sale.

“We thought about making an offer on this house until we saw the stairs,” Mr. Shade captioned his video.

In the clip, which now has more than 11 million views, Mr. Shade shows the home’s massive, offset staircase. To make things worse, each step appears to be about the height of two stairs.

TikTok users were largely confused by the staircase, with many questioning why they existed.

“What were they thinking?” one user wrote.

“Imagine falling down those,” another added.

“Ugh I hate carpet. I’d pull my offer too,” another added.

The staircase also made its way to Twitter, thanks to Zillow Gone Wild. The popular social media account has been known to share strange home listings — including and a home with an “open bathroom” and a house with a literal swimming pool in its garage.

However, the viral posts also sparked up plenty of comments about “witches stairs.” Here’s everything you need to know about the strange, viral term.

What are ‘witches stairs?’

On social media, the design seen in Mr. Shade’s video is commonly referred to as “witches stairs.” As many TikTok users claimed in the clip’s comments, some social some believe the stairs were designed long ago to prevent witches from entering a home.

Of course, that claim is totally false. According to Reuters, the stairs are actually a space-saving measure, often used in narrow homes. There is no historical record that the design was ever believed to ward off witches.

Still, the rumor has survived on social media, thanks to the sheer strangeness of the stairs’ design.

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