TikTok users are divided over this homemade 'Chick-fil-A' pizza

A TikTok user, named Lauren, is sparking an onlinefood debate with her homemade pizza creation.Her creation? A Chick-fil-A-themedpizza, topped with what looks like poundsof the chains signature dishes.The video of her creation hasmore than 7 million views.“My boyfriend loves chick-fil-a andi saw this recipe so i decided to make itfor him,” Lauren wrote in her video.Lauren’s version of the pizza featuresa base of Chick-fil-A Sauce, toppedwith a generous serving of cheese.She then adds dozens of chickennuggets and several waffle fries.After that, the TikToker sprinkles onmore cheese — and more sauce — then bakesher pizza on high heat for 10 minutes.The recipe seemed to impress Lauren’s boyfriend,who satisfyingly smiles at the end of the clip.Not all TikTokers agreed though. Some calledthe pizza extremely “unhealthy,” while otherscriticized the cost involved in making it.“This is a heart attack waiting tohappen,” one user added. “That isprobably the most expensive pizzayou can make,” another wrote.Meanwhile, others seemingly loved the idea.“You did a good job looks really good,” oneuser commented. “After this he better put a ringon it,” one user said of Lauren’s boyfriend

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