TikTok user's adorable meet-cute story deserves a movie adaptation

The core of any good romantic comedy is the meet-cute. It’s the moment the protagonist meets their love interest and sets off the romantic arc of the story. TikTok user sibitg shared a video recalling what we consider to be one of the greatest meet-cutes in cinematic history. Sibitg explained to her followers that she was on her way home from work at the bakery when she passed a particularly tall flower. “It was like way too tall for me, so I was just standing there sniffing,” she said. That’s when a tall man — wearing a mask but still “cute as all hell” — walked up and asked her what was going on. Immediately after sibitg explained her attempt to smell the flower, he reached up, pulled it down and let her smell it. “It’s hard to see other people living out my dreams,” one user wrote. “TikTok needs to do its thing and find this man,” another said. Although our protagonist walked away without getting her love interest’s phone number, her message is bound to reach him if it’s meant to be