TikTok user spots continuity error in 'High School Musical'

TikTok users have certainly

found their fair share of

“High School Musical” errors recently.

Not too long ago, someone noticed a major mistake toward the end of the movie when Troy and Gabriella are about to sing —.

and unfortunately for the Disney movie, somebody else has pointed out yet

another continuity inaccuracy in the film.

The scene in question is the one where Gabriella doesn’t want Sharpay to find her rehearsing in the bathroom.

Suspicious as ever, Sharpay looks around the

bathroom for Gabriella — but after kicking in a few stalls and checking herself out in the mirror, she heads out.

However, Gabriella was in the bathroom the entire time Sharpay was looking around — so where did she hide?.

Well, according to the movie, she was hiding behind the wall that Sharpay passed several times … in plain sight.

At one point, Sharpay looks directly at the spot where Gabriella is supposed to be hiding!.

Apparently, people have

been upset about this

continuity error for years.


THAT PART ALWAYS MADE ME MAD,” one TikTok user said