This TikTok User Recreated the Viral “Glow Look” Filter With Makeup

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TikTok's "Glow Look" filter has totally taken over the social app. The beauty-enhancing filter makes you look like a doll-esque version of yourself, complete with freckles, rosy cheeks, and dramatic-yet-neutral doe eyes with fluttering lashes. TikTok users have been shouting out the filter in their videos because it apparently "makes everyone look good," and, well, the proof is in the videos

Because the filter has become so popular, some TikTok users have decided to make the glow look filter an IRL makeup look — and the results are just as gorgeous as the filter itself. User @heytrashleytea really brought the filter to life in one of her videos and, thankfully, she decided to share with all of us how exactly she got the look in a two-part makeup tutorial. 

"The thing I like about this filter is it doesn't f**k up your face too much, it kind of honestly just puts makeup over it so it's pretty easy to recreate," she says to preface the first part. She recommends taking a screenshot of yourself using the filter to use as a reference and then, she gets started by applying NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer to her already primed skin and follows with "a lot" of bronzer on her cheeks and temples to give her face a sunkissed, defined look. She then contours her nose and highlights her nose, Cupid's bow, inner corners of her eyes, and her brow bone, and adds "a f**kton of freckles" with a fine-tip liquid liner.

As for the eyes, she creates a "dark brown and orange smoky eye" above and under her eyes, taking care to define her undereye with a brown shadow and skinny brush. She then applies a half lash to the outer corners of her eyes, adds "a lot of mascara," and brushes her brows with Milk Makeup's KUSH Fiber Eyebrow Gel to make them extremely fluffy.

In the second part of her video, @heytrashleytea applies a rosy, neutral red lipstick called Labyrinth City from the SEPHORA COLLECTION #Lipstories line, to finish off the "glow look" filter makeup look, then applies the actual filter over her work to compare and the result is just exquisite.

Her version is slightly less intense than the filter, but she's doing the look at 8:15 AM. "The biggest difference is the filter adds a lot of contrast," she says, adding that if you want to do the look closer, blend the black into the smoky eye and "go ham" with bronzer to darken the cheekbones and nose. 

If you've been having fun with the #glowlookfilter in your own TikTok videos, this is your sign to try it IRL for your next summer event!

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