TikTok user catches iconic Starbucks drive-thru interaction on camera

With most restaurants either closed or limited for the foreseeable future, drive-thrus are starting to look pretty glamorous.TikTok user nickie999 shared her recent experience at a Starbucks drive-thru with her followers .In the video, nickie999 pulled up to place her order, where she was greeted by a paper bag puppet rather than a cashier.She didn’t seem surprised, so she must have either expected the prank or caught a glimpse of the unusual employee from afar.Nickie999 then began to place an order for a coffee when the most shocking part happened — the puppet started screaming.Did a person give nickie999 her drink, or was it a puppet? Was there an apology or an explanation? We don’t know.We do know that commenters were obsessed with the whole interaction

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