TikTok user accidentally breaks TV in video gone horribly wrong

Pro tip: If you’re going to attempt to play any sort

of sport, you probably shouldn’t do it indoors.

Why? When TikTok user Rachel Kostelnik

and her sister made the mistake of trying

to play baseball — or really, jugball —

inside, they ended up destroying a TV.

In a now-viral video of the moment, Rachel’s

sister Olivia looks confident as she gets into

a swinging position with the water jug she’s

using as an impromptu baseball bat.

Once Olivia is ready, Rachel

throws something at her to hit —

but she doesn’t get a home run.

Instead, she accidentally hits whatever

was thrown at her straight into the

television completely ruining the screen.

Once they realized what’s happened, Rachel and Olivia

are in complete shock — just like the rest of TikTok.

“NOW THAT’S ALOT OF DAMAGE,” one person said. “My

mom would’ve DISOWNED ME,” another user commented.

“You in danger girl,” a third person joked.

In the caption, Rachel noted that if

the video goes viral, her sister “won’t

[have to] pay for” the broken TV.

So far the video has more than 230,000 likes on

TikTok, so things are looking good for Olivia

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