This TikTok Tour of NYC's Chinatown Hotspots Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

Manhattan's Chinatown is a legendary culinary hotspot right in the middle of the Big Apple. Whether you want mouthwatering Sichuan hot pot, juicy Taiwanese soup dumplings, or meat skewers served right on the street, the area has a little something for everybody.

TikTok account Jack's Dining Room is an outlet for all sorts of culinary adventures, whether they're trying Yankees Stadium bites, finding the best ramen spots, or making spicy rigatoni garlic bread sandwiches. They recently teamed up with @HungryArtistNy and headed to NYC's Manhattan Chinatown for a two-part tour, hitting some of the neighborhood's most delicious food spots.

Part one saw the duo head to Tonii’s Fresh Rice Noodle, Mei Lai Wah, Shu Jiao Fu Zhou, and Tasty Dumpling:


The ultimate Chinatown food crawl PT.1 Stop 1: 📍 Tonii’s Fresh Rice Noodle Stop 2: 📍Mei Lai Wah Stop 3: 📍Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Stop 4: 📍Tasty Dumpling Tour with @Hungry Artist NY #chinatownnyc #chinatown #chinesefood #cheapeats #cheapeatsnyc #dumplings #noodles #chinatownfood #jacksdiningroom #chinatowneats #nycchinatown #riceroll

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Meanwhile, they slid through Great NY Noodeltown, Wo Hop, and food cart Grand Street Skewer in the second installment of the series:

The videos find the duo chowing down on dishes like pineapple roast pork buns, peanut noodles, steamed pork dumplings, steamed rice rolls, Cantonese BBQ spare ribs, and an array of meat skewers.

They specifically pointed to Grand Street Skewers as the "best hidden gem" in the neighborhood, noting the price per skewer hovers at $3 or below. Open until 1 a.m., the cart serves chicken hearts, grilled squid, fish balls, crispy pork belly, chicken wings, and more.

Check out the two-part tour in the videos above to see more of NYC's most mouth-watering Chinese food spots.