TikTok star Dakota Wright on why his husband Jackson 'doesn't care' about being famous

Dakota Wright is riding the wave of viral fame — and he has no plans of slowing down. Gibson Johns interviews the TikTok star known as @PrintFairy about his whirlwind past two years since first going viral for sharing his restaurant orders with his husband, Jackson, and their friends. They discuss how his life has changed, why Jackson has no interest in fame, how having a large follower count has helped his disordered eating journey and what's next. They also chat about Dakota's love of Bravo, "Real Housewives" and more.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: One thing I do love about this is that people also love Jackson, and they love his appearances in all your videos. But I also love that he doesn't really have any interest himself in being the star. It's all about-- he's just there to be your companion and support you, which is so refreshing, I think, in a day and age when everyone wants to be famous and a content creator and an influencer.

DAKOTA WRIGHT: Yes. Yes. Because there are lots of couples-- especially other gay couples-- that start this whole thing together, and then once they get this large following, they break up. And then it becomes who's better, and who's this, and who's that. And Jackson just doesn't care to make content, make videos, take pictures. When I say he's a true straight man when it comes to stuff like that-- he just does--

GIBSON JOHNS: He's like an Instagram husband.

DAKOTA WRIGHT: Yeah. And so he literally will be like, Dakota, just give me a joke. Tell me what you want me to say. We come up with it all together, and he's just like, I'll show up. And I'm like, OK. That's easy.

GIBSON JOHNS: But that's amazing, because he-- one, it's the support, but I also have seen the flip side, or the opposite of that, in-- just anecdotally in other relationships where the partner-- it's almost like a grudge they have against the fact that the person has to post all these things and document. And it's nice that he embraces it with you.

DAKOTA WRIGHT: Yeah. Yeah. It is really nice.